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Get your graphics looking their best....including adjustments of your artwork, we specialize in

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Feather Flag



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  • Full Color high resolution printing

  • Stitched hems and eyelets

  • Premium polyester flag material

  • Colorfast inks for long-term durability





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Benefits Of Marketing With Feather Flags

When it comes to marketing your business or products, there are really some creative ways to do so. However, feather flag advertising has jumped to the top of the list, as of recent. With the many benefits that you can reap from these flags, it is easy to see why. While there are many different styles and shapes of flags available for your advertising needs, feather flags tend to be the most popular. Below you will learn more information about this style of flag and the benefits that you can receive by advertising with them.


Where to Display These Flags


The first thing you should know about these business flags is that they are ideal in a high mounted position for businesses such as car dealerships, garages, garden centers, convention centers, and new home contractors. These flags will also be suitable on the ground at outdoor events, showrooms, or trade shows.


Using These Flags Indoors


One great thing about this style of flag is that they do not require a wind breeze to make them effective. This is why they are ideal for indoor, as well as outdoor use. With that being said, a light breeze can add a bit more impact due to the movement of the flag, but a breeze is not required.


Limited Space Available


If you are a smaller business with limited room to advertise, you can order a smaller, ground based flag, which stands around head height. This style of flag could also work in a private showroom where little room is available. The size usually varies from 2.2 meters high to 5.2 meters. The flags are mounted on a pole made from aluminum. This ensures the user a long lifespan and stability.


Design Your Own Flag


Custom feather flags are a huge hit because you can incorporate your own design into the flag. You can use your company logo, or any creative design that you would like. It is always a great idea to keep your flag design simple, so that it can be seen from a distance and be read in a glance.


Take Your Flag Anywhere


These flags are very portable and can be assembled or dissembled very quickly. If you are changing locations or just simply want to move the flag to a better location, you can do so in a matter of minutes. However, if you are using the flag outdoors the base may need to be a bit heavier to weigh down the flag. This might make moving the flag more of a challenge.